How Fast Does Your Car Go?

My father was into car racing growing up and when I was younger he also tried to get me into it. I knew that it was really upsetting to him that I did not like car racing as much as he did. My husband knew that he was going to get along with my dad when he found out that he was into car racing. My dad was into Formula One car racing and I did not know if my then boyfriend was into it. My dad told him that he could get tickets to the biggest race of the year for the sport and my beau said that he would go with him. I was scared because my dad can be really intense when he watches the cars and he is there live. I had to warn my beau that it might get pretty heated if there was a person who intentionally crashed into another as it usually happens. I know that sounds like not a big deal, but it isn’t playing fair according to my dad.

There are a lot of people who say that they do not like car racing, but many of them have never been to a race live. There is something really fun about feeling the vibrations of the cars going by you. You get the wind in your hair by their speed on the race track. I wanted to speak with people about the feelings I got when I went to a race with my dad because they would never know the feeling unless they went to a race. I started off a few of my friends at the local race track and they had a great time when they went and now they go on to the bigger races around the country.